Shaun Johnson

This Is Me, Shaun, & My Site. Both are Works In Progress

A founder, developer, and educator growing in each of those roles daily


Who I Am

@StartupInst cofounder. Fmr @TechStars Associate. @Georgetown Hoya & Entrepreneur-in-Residence. @JohnsHopkins alum. Technologist on a mission.

Some of my thoughts are scattered across the internet, from Huffington Post, Quora, Medium, Reddit, and so much more. But I try to author original pieces on my blog and republish my external contributions there wherever possible.

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What I've Done

My career is focused on my love of technology and people. I make them work better together.

  • Startup Institute

    Cofounded an international edtech startup that equips individuals with skills, network & mindset to succeed as startup employees. All while supporting the innovation economy & each local tech community we inhabit.

  • Georgetown University

    Starting as a student-athlete + compSci/sociology undergrad, I didn't know much about business at all. Now, as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at McDonough School of Business, I advise current students & alumni on early stage endeavors.

  • Techstars [various]

    Initially joined as an Associate, serving Techstars Boston Winter 2012 class, I continue to serve at Techstars as a RisingStars Mentor (underrepresented founders) & Patriot Bootcamp Mentor (military veterans) since its inception.

Things I've Made

Steady tinkering. Some things are still in the lab.


Startup Institute is the biggest endeavor I have ever taken on, hands down. I've also raised a microfinance fund in Haiti, which helped a lot of people to bootstrap themselves and their business in a 3rd world country.


I've written basic software in a slew of languages: from Java & C++, to Python & Ruby, to Perl & PHP, and built machine translation and information retreival tools.


In addition to the talks I've given at Startup Institute and Georgetown University, I have spoken at various universities about innovation, education, and even cybersecurity.